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Does Picplus work on my mobile?
Yes, Picplus is fully responsive for users although a computer is needed to edit hotspots. We are working on the mobile version of the CMS.
Can I add custom icons and a logo?
Everything is customizable in Picplus. We offer a set of icons whose color, transparency level and size can all be adjusted, but you can also upload your own icons.
How can I add hotspots and areas and what kind can they be?
Log onto Go to Gallery on the left-hand side and click on the top tab "Hotspots". Once there, you can select "hotspots" (active points) or areas. You can add text, images, links or videos (for now, only YouTube and Vimeo are allowed). You can decide on size, color and level of transparency. You may also upload your own icons. You can share any hotspot on your favorite social network. We will provide you with a link to the exact point of that hotspot.
Ok, I have everything. Now how do I embed my Pic?
In the Basic, Advance and Cover Screen tabs, under the thumbnail of your image, you’ll find a box that says "Embed". You just have to choose your size, copy that code and paste it where you want, as if it were a YouTube video.
What happens when I reach my traffic limit?
The Pics come out with an error message warning that your traffic limit has been exceeded. Before this occurs, we will let you know when the trial period has ended and when you have used up 80% of your traffic. When you reach your traffic limit you will see a black screen with an error that will indicate that you have exceeded your transfer fee. You can free up space by deleting photos. Please keep in mind that a few minutes may pass until the space is released. On the other hand, remember that the images that you upload to the hotspots or the posters also take up space in your account. We are working so that you can acquire customized traffic modules.
What happens when I reach my storage limit?
You will not be able to upload new pics until you upgrade your plan or delete an old one. You must bear in mind that both the pics you use and the resources you upload to your pics (personalized hotspots) take up space. We are working so that you can acquire customized storage modules.
What's the maximum size allowed per pic?
The limit is 100mb per photograph. If you need more space please contact us here:
Which formats does Picplus accept?
We accept jpg, tiff, psd and psb.


How does the social tagging service work?
When users are tagged in a Pic, they are given the option to share their location on their preferred social network. You will be able to predefine the text, hashtags and mentions. The link provided on the label will lead directly to the user’s face. This way, they can tell their friends: "I was there." Their friends will be able to see them without having to navigate the whole photograph. Remember to indicate the final URL where the pic is going to be embedded in the "basic" tab / "public URL".
How can I allow people to be tagged?
Log onto, go to Gallery on the left-hand side and click on the “Tagging” tab. Once there, click to activate tagging. Tagged people will appear in the right-hand column.
Can I customize the message that my users share their tag with on social networks?
Yes, in the Basic Info tab you have two features for this: “Share text”, where you can add the default text as well as references (for example, your Twitter account), and "hashtags" which lets you customize the hashtags. Please note that users are free to modify this content when they share it.


My Pic cannot be seen
There are several possibilities as to why this might be happening. The most common is that the Pic is in draft status. To publish it, go to Basic Info and select "published" (by default the Pics are in draft status.) It’s also possible that you have not selected the allowed domains. Go to Advanced and in "domain restriction" select "allow custom restricted domains." For security reasons, the Pic will only be displayed in the authorized domains.
My image with cylindrical or spherical projection is distorted
The image will drag metadata from your stitching program. Delete this in the Windows or Mac properties tab. We are working on an automatic solution.
By sharing a tag or hotspot on a social network and clicking on that link, it does not take me to that particular point in the image. What is happening?
If, after clicking on a social link to Picplus, the viewer does not focus automatically on the shared hotspot, it can be due to three reasons:

1. You have not configured the final URL where you are embedding the pic in the "basic" tab / "public URL" field.

2. You are not directly embedding the iframe code of Picplus in your CMS, but you are embedding an iframe that also embeds the iframe of Picplus. If you directly embed the Picplus iframe on your website or article, it will be sufficient for Picplus to center the image.

3. The parameters that focus the panorama on the point are not being received. When Picplus generates a short social link, this link redirects visitors to your CMS with two parameters in the URL "_ath" and "_atv". Picplus includes those parameters, but your website may be removing them and redirecting your visitors. Check that after clicking on a social link when you reach your website from a social link, the URL you see in the browser is similar to this: "Https://"


How can I request a count?
In the People counting tab you will find a button to request this service. You should know that it has an added cost of 99€. It won't be charged without your permission but once the photograph is accepted (see, “can all the photographs be counted?”) we do not offer refunds based on subjective perceptions about the results. This is a scientific system that offers results with a 5-8% margin of error and it isn’t influenced by politics, illusions or other human metaphysical forces.
How does the counting service work?
It is based on a semiautomatic software called CountEm, developed by Javier González-Villa, Marcos Cruz, Domingo Gómez and Luis Manuel Cruz-Orive at the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science of the University of Cantabria. CountEm offers efficient and unbiased estimation of the number of particles (people, heads, animals, objects, ...) in an image. CountEm also predicts the standard error of the number estimate. At around 5-8%, the relative standard error is small. The software does this by dividing the image into small samples. A trained human should tell the software how to take these samples and how to decide how many people there are per sample.
Can all the photographs be part of the counting service?
No. Our team will analyze it beforehand to see if it’s likely to be "counted". Most often, good quality will be a prerequisite. We have to be able to solve the heads or elements to be accounted for. If, for example, we’re dealing with a mobile photograph taken from a step of a stadium, it is likely that we won't be able to count people from the front step, unless perhaps the light is very good. Another fundamental aspect is the perspective. If for example you’ve taken the photo from the ground, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to count the people around you, due to the compression effect. In summary, we need the maximum possible resolution and elevation.
What will I get when I request the counting service?
You will obtain the estimated number of attendees, and a report that explains how the count was carried out, as well as the margin of error of the calculation (which will vary depending mainly on the quality of the image and other parameters used.)
How long does it take from the time I request the service until I get the results?
We will try to have your photo ready in a few hours; bigger and complex photographs require more time.


If you still need help, please write us an e-mail to and we’ll write back to you as soon as possible