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Lower Manhattan Skyline

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Lower Manhattan, also known as Downtown Manhattan or Downtown New York, is the southernmost part of Manhattan. It is the central borough for business, culture, and government in the City of New York: Wall St, World Trade Center, Little Italy or Chinatown are here.

High resolution aerial and panoramic photographs allow you to zoom in to appreciate the details. Thanks to Picplus, the enlargement of the image can provide much more information. For example, this photograph of David Cruz in Unsplash. Even though it does not have a giant resolution, it is the photograph that any of us could have shot from the Empire State Building. And it’s enough to show how the skyline of a city can be scored.

In this case, we have mainly used the function customizable areas. We can choose the color we want, with the desired oppacity, and draw the contour of the skyscrapers, bridges or monuments of interest. Using the areas and the hotspots, we can tell the history and the anecdotes of its construction, as we have done with the Flatiron Building or the Statue of Liberty.

Photo by Piotr Wieczorek, via Unsplash.

It also allows you to indicate, for example, what accommodation options exist in a certain area of ​​the city and link to its website, as is the case of the Four Seasons Hotel. Or indicate where the parks and green areas are and what services they offer. All the hotspots can be shared independently in the social network


This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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