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Were you at Madrid Pride? Tag yourself!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

Madrid Pride 2018 took place from June 28th to July 8th 2018. Those days, the spanish capital and specially Chueca neighborhood was inmersed in street celebrations, parties, expositions, concerts and all kind of events. With the motto “Whoever you love, Madrid loves you”, the city celebrated the LGTBIQ pride with an anniversary in mind: 40 years since the first demonstration that toured the capital asking for rights for the LGTBI + collective.

That is why activism had a special role during the proclamation of the Pride, last 4th of july. Thanks to Picplus, the leading spanish newspaper El País was able to offer a unique picture of that moment. Around 8:10 p.m., while La Plexy was haranguing the public, this giant photo was shot from the roof of the Room Mate Óscar hotel, just behind the stage. If you were down there, zoom to check if you can find and tag yourself, and then share your Pride on Twitter or Facebook. Of course, only the owner of the account can tag him or herself.

Picplus also offers advanced crowd counting stats based on statistical calculation software handled by our back office. Thanks to this service, we were able to count 8.050 people at Pedro Zerolo Square, with only a 5.44% error range. It works on any photography and it can be applied to all kind of events: demonstration, stadiums, football matches, concerts, advertising actions…

The semiautomatic counting software is called CountEm and it was developed by Javier González-Villa, Marcos Cruz, Domingo Gómez and Luis Manuel Cruz-Orive at the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science of the University of Cantabria. CountEm offers efficient and unbiased estimation of the number of particles (people, heads, animals, objects, …) in an image. CountEm also predicts the standard error of the number estimate.

Instructions to navigate through this interactive gigapan: Click on the image and use the zoom to find yourself among the people. Depending on your device, zoom in and move through the photo by clicking on the + – and arrows; using the mouse or using your own fingers on the touch screen. Once you have found yourself, tag yourself using the yellow symbol in the center of the bottom bar. Once you verify access to your Facebook or Twitter account, you are ready to share it. Also, thanks to thew hotspots function, you can find videos, images and reports related to MADO’18 in the symbols with the colors of the rainbow that appear in the photo. To see a clean image, click on the crossed-out eye icon.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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