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The natural park of Picos de Europa

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Picplus is also a very useful tool if you want to annotate nature photographs in large format. For example, this 360 image taken by the photojournalist Adriano Morán at tha Spanish natural park of Picos de Europa.

First of all, you can draw customizable areas to pint out hiking trails and points of interest en route. If the image is published in a specialized media, it can allows mountaineering enthusiasts to tag themselves and share their experiences with certain mountain crossing.

A photo enriched with Picplus can also become a source of knowledge and a public service instrument. It can alert about danger points or special recommendations depending on the weather and the season of the year. It also serves as a showcase for information on the services offered by a certain refuge, as in the case of Cabaña Verónica.

Finally, using Picplus can help tourism offices to promote natural spaces through the integration of videos and photographs, something very valuable for conservation of the environment as well. References can be included to the fauna and flora, the orography of the land or the names for the different summits. It is like taking the traditional interpretation panel to another level.

All these functionalities are equally applicable to high resolution, aerial or panoramic photographs.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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