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The southwest border turns into an interactive map

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The election of Trump and his controversial intentions to build a wall have placed the border between Mexico and the United States in the spotlight. The possibilities that Picplus offers to give life to a static map and use it to tell a journalistic story or expose current or contextual data are almost unlimited. Because not only allows to note traditional photographs, also maps and infographics.

We have traveled those 3,185 km of land border, the longest in the world, and we have enriched them with different resources . Thus, we have marked the main border posts with a personalized icon, including data on each one of them, such as the transit of people who have them or the cities they connect.
We have also added photographs like this one of Tijuana and the Pacific beach, closed with a fence.

You can add customized hotspots, like the passport or the Border guard, to open new graphics embeded inside the main one. That is how we have added this one, with several data about the Sonoran desert.

Or this one, that shows how the largest law enforment agency in the US, the Border Patrol, distributes its members between the different sections of the southwest border.

With Picplus you can also add videos on a map and turn it into an informative piece of news. For example, where are the immigration detention centers that ignited the controversy a few weeks ago? Connecting a point on the map with a news video turns a static image into a news tool in a simple and intuitive way.


This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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